And you thought women don’t talk about sex openly?

Gone are the days when women’s desires were suppressed, now is the time when women of all the countries have become quite rebellious when it comes to their desires. They have become vocal about their opinions, fantasies and everything related to sex. There are a bunch of women who would talk on sex and not feel bad about it, because they accept that they have feelings, just like the opposite gender does.

If you have been going through erectile dysfunction, you should know that a woman would never wish to date you. No doubt if you have already been dating this woman for a long time, she would not leave you only because you have developed this issue lately, but with that kind of an erection, if you think you are perfect and the woman has to accept you just the way you are, we have our own doubts on that.

First of all, there are medicines like levofloxacin 500 mg that can treat erectile dysfunction and thus, roaming around with this problem is not an excuse. You have to get yourself treated because all the women know that this issue can be treated with the help of the right kind of medicines.

Secondly, would you ever wish to date a woman who would never be able to satisfy you, even though you know her problem can be treated and the love can be communicated through physical desires too? We doubt you’d want to date such a woman. Similarly, women who are vocal about sex would always wish to date those who don’t have erectile dysfunction. They want to ensure that they get everything in bed, just like they are ready to give themselves!



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