It can be really difficult to decide between vape pen and mod as there are many different factors that you need to consider. Therefore, let us first try to understand each one of them briefly.

Vape pen

In its easy form, any vaporizer pen is a kind of e-cigarette. Its range of size is like any typical cigar or a pen. The user will usually inhale vegetable glycerin or any heated propylene glycol. Then he will exhale the vapor. Besides vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, there are few other ingredients involved among the substances used for any vape pen.

Vape Mod

Any vape mods are larger and more powerful version comparing with vape pen. It can produce much more vapor compared with vape pens, enhance e-juice flavor and improve throat hit. There are bulkier batteries in vape pen mods. Their operation is more or less the same. Ingredients are also same used that in vape pens. It uses a Joytech mod tube.

What are the differences?


  • Size


Vape pens are preferred just because of their portability. You can easily place it in your pocket, purse or any other smaller area. It is not too complicated and does not draw anyone’s attention easily. You can use it discretely. On the other hand, vape mods are larger in size and much heavier too. Therefore, they are not so easily portable like vape pens.


  • Complexity


Vape pens are much simpler to use and perfect choice for any beginner. However, vape mods need little experience as its design is much complex. They have number of features and hence it is difficult to choose.


  • Price


Vape pens being a simpler one and hence they cost also much cheaper comparatively to vape mod.


  • Durability


Durability of vape mods is much more as compared to any vape pen. They are larger and heavier too. Vape pens are lighter and often carried in person and hence they tend to less durable.


  • Battery life


Vape mod has much bigger battery and hence its life is also much longer comparing with vape pen.


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